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In Reunion Island, the objective of a decarbonized energy mix by 2030 is largely based on the massive integration of intermittent energies into the electricity grid. The growth of photovoltaic (PV) capacity, a direction encouraged by regional policy, relies on the swarming of hybrid conversion and storage systems on a domestic scale. With the proliferation of systems and the aging of the fleet, the risk of failures increases, which can lead to performance losses and profitability.

This project aims to implement innovative technical solutions to detect, isolate and identify defects that could lead to these failures. These solutions should improve the energy efficiency of PV systems by anticipating maintenance operations to limit the risk of failure.

Several barriers limit the large-scale deployment of hybrid production and storage systems, in particular their reliability and durability. Many faults may occur on one, or more, of the system components. If these faults are not quickly detected and identified, this can result in a loss of performance, instability or permanent degradation of the system.

Project duration : 2 years.