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Completed Projects

CARERC Project

Electromagnetic CARtography by Communications Networks.

European Operational Programmes



Drawing on its long-standing expertise in the fields of energy and electromagnetic waves, the LE²P laboratory of the University of Reunion Island, presents the CARERC project (Electromagnetic Cartography by Communications Networks), which is part of the European Operational Programme 2007-2013 – Measure 2-06 – Research cluster and innovative applications in ICT.

The CARERC project proposes the realization of a software and hardware infrastructure for measurement in order to carry out a dynamic 3D electromagnetic cartography of a given space.




GEOSUN Project

GEOSUN is a regional cooperation scientific and technological project  between South Africa and Reunion Island, at the initiative of LE2P, Le Port and Durban.


Based on the experience of the RCI_GS (Intelligent Sensor Network for a better understanding of the Solar Field) project initiated in 2011, LE2P has established partnerships with research teams from neighbouring countries to start a ground-based solar mapping network in the Western Indian Ocean.


On the initiative of two twin cities (namely the Port City in Reunion Island and Durban in South Africa) wishing to expand their exchange actions, LE2P has approached the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) whose solar radiation study is also one of the research subjects.


The two teams, by pooling their know-how, decided to launch a network of sensors in the KwaZulu Natal.


Real-time testing of a hybrid electrical power generation and storage system

The substitution of energy-stocks by the conversion of energy flows from the sun, wind, sea and earth –  which are intermittent energies -, and subject to climatic conditions, results in intermittent autonomous power generation.