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WiFi signal in anechoic space measurement

First objective : Measure the received power on the sensor developed by CARERC of a signal from a WiFi router as a function of the distance and transmission power of the router. Second objective : In a second step, measure what the rectenna collects as energy in the same condition. The aim is to be able to quantify the energy available at the output of the rectenna when using a “non-dedicated” diffuse source.


Brazing of components

This technique allows the components to be positioned by capillary action between the solder and the soldering notches. In addition, it also allows for repairs or modifications to be made to a printed circuit board.

Integration of an environmental sensor

Integration of high-precision environmental sensors for measuring temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and VOC (volatile organic compounds) gases.
The objective is to collect different physical quantities using the wireless sensor network.

LORA network test

Tests carried out in urban areas with the LORA network

LORA network test at Mafate-1

The first Lora node placed at the top of the ” Roche Vert Bouteille” site

Mapping of the measured power of electromagnetic waves

Sensor network(*) Data Visualization  for the CARERC project

(*) Set up within LE2P Lab

LORA network test in Mafate-2

Long-distance communication test of the Lora network in the Mafate circus.

The red point is the GATEWAY (information receiver), the white points, the nodes (transmitters).

From Grand Bénard (1st Gateway) to Dos d’Ane, the range is 15 km (minimum).