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R & D

The innovative nature of the project lies in the use of regionalized meteorological and climatic variables using a regional climate model with very high spatial resolution ( 1 km) to supplement the available in situ electrical measurements. Validation of the developed modules will be carried out in the laboratory on emulated systems, driven by power signals, prior to installations tests.


DETECT allows to bring several elements of answers for a better energy efficiency:

  • Quantification and localization of local energy resources (regionalization of the solar deposit using a regional climate model with high spatial resolution)
  • Developing equipment instrumentation to improve REU (PV system diagnostics)
  • Using ICT for the development of smart energy devices (real-time distributed diagnostics)
  • Improve the mastery of a key technology by the actors of the territory (decision support for the planning of the maintenance of PV systems)
  • Promote the integration of solar energy (reliability of PV systems)
  • Strengthen the knowledge in the fields of renewable energy (aggregation of electrical and climatic data in a database)