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In non-interconnected areas and island environments, energy flexibility is based on  the penetration rate increase of renewable energy resources (RES) in the electricity mix, without altering the stability of the grid and the reliability of generation.

In Reunion Island, this objective is based on the development of photovoltaic (PV) conversion of solar energy. The intermittency, stochastic variability and low predictability of the solar resource encourage the development of geographically distributed production and storage units at the building (smart-building) and neighbourhood (smart-grid) scales.

This  microgrids deployment is a key objective of the Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (S3) program.

The intermittency, variability and low predictability of the solar resource, as well as the distributed nature of these units, requires the development of intelligent, decentralized control strategies at the level of the various “agents” (conversion sources, storage systems and consumers).

GYSOMATE (Gestion dYnamique Supervision et Optimisation de Microréseaux urbains pour l’Autonomie du Territoire en énergie Electrique), is working on the development of an intelligent energy management system.

The project relies on the coupling of resource forecasting tools,  model-based control strategies and/or multi-agent systems and ICTs.