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R & D

In this project, the ENERGY-Lab research team and its partners have defined a dual goal:

  1. Expansion of the actual network to the IOC territories (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles). All partners will be equipped with identical stations.
  2. All data collected will be freely available in a TDS server within a special file size designed for mapping. Data quality control will be ensured by ENERGY-Lab.


In terms of promotion, the project will enable :

  • The development of a smartphone application that displayed all data2 collected in a nearly ”real-time”.
  • Innovators, scientists and populations to take over the developed tools through workshops and knowledge sharing.


The IOS-net project is divided in three actions :

  • Action 1: Network expansion to the IOC territories.
  • Action 2: The opening of a database and TDS server.
  • Action 3: Promotion, communication and knowledge transfer.