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R & D

The innovative analytical approach is based on the combined analysis of in-situ data, satellite data and and regional climate simulations at very high spatial resolution (~ 1 km) from regional climate model WRF(*).

The WRF model is an essential component of the SWIO-Energy project in partnership with the two Mauritian universities:

  • University of Mauritius
  • University of Mascarene, Mauritius.

(*) WRF: Weather research and Forecast model :   numerical model for weather and climate prediction used by meteorological services and in the fields of atmospheric research.



  • Processing and analysis of all observation data (ground-based, satellite) for the study of scale interactions and climate variability of solar radiation and wind:
    • Deployment of new sensors for the measurement of solar radiation and wind in Reunion and Mauritius as part of the radiometric network IOS-net of the laboratory ENERGYlab/LE2P
    • Validation of satellite data by comparison with ground data
  • Processing and analysis of global and regional climate model outputs:
    • Dynamic approach: regional simulations of recent and future climate of Reunion and Mauritius using the WRF model
    • Statistical approach: use of machine-learning techniques.