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R & D

Step  1 : Modeling and installation of an experimental equipment

  • Action 1: Dimensioning and installation of a test bench for PàC-R
    • Implementation of a specific experimental system for characterizing the performance of PàC-R. This experimental device will be fully automated, including diagnosis, data logging, settings, alarm and security functions.
  • Action 2 : Semi-transparent PàC-R cell designs
    • For the understanding and characterization of PàC-R, Physico-chemical phenomena multiphysical and multi-scale modelling  under the COMSOL Multiphysics software environment.
    • Design of functional PàC-R cells guided by modelling performed in the COMSOL Multiphysics environment.

Step 2 : Assembling and instrumentation

  • Action 1: PàC-R assembly
    • Optimization of tightening, tightness and preliminary tests of electrical performances.
  • Action 2: Semi-transparent PàC-R cells Instrumentation
    • Fast camera imaging system Implementation
    • Image acquisition and processing system Implementation

Step  3 : PàC-R Experiments

  • Action 1: Real-time testing of a PàC-R in electrolyser mode.
    •  The influence of sunlight and PàC-R operating parameters study
  • Action 2: Real-time test of the PàC-R in PàC mode
    • Study of the influence of the operating parameters of PàC-R in humid tropical environments

Step 4 :  PàC-R Optimization

  • Action 1: PàC-R demonstrator optimal design Conception
    • Exchanges Modelisation and  Exchange surfaces optimization
  • Action 2: Optimized PàC-R Demonstrator  Assembly and tests
    • Optimization of tightening, tightness and preliminary tests of the electrical performance of the optimized demonstrator.